Benefits of becoming a member of the GHCFA:

  • Opportunity to work cooperatively with our franchisor to advance common interests, including sharing information and ideas, participating in mutually agreed projects and committees, working with governmental regulatory bodies, as appropriate; and advocating for our clients and caregivers.
  • On behalf of the membership, negotiate candidly and fairly with our franchisor to achieve fair and equitable resolutions.
  • Defend the membership from challenges to our businesses.
  • Provide an ongoing forum for the exchange of ideas, best practices and advice
  • Use the purchasing power of our members and the AAFD to offer reduced cost high quality products and services
  • Opportunity to share knowledge and experience with a growing network of franchise association leaders, and to foster best practices in running your own association.

Benefits of becoming a member of the AAFD:

  • AAFD Fair Franchising Initiatives
  • Promoting the climate of franchising based upon the AAFD vision of Total Quality Franchising — collaborative franchise cultures and greater profitability for franchise owners.
  • Promoting the AAFD Fair Franchising Standards and Franchisee Bill of Rights to protect franchisees and provide direction to prospective franchisees.
  • Identifying best practices in franchising and to drive the franchising market to exemplary franchisors.
  • Developing negotiating leverage by building strong independent franchisee associations.
  • AAFD’s exclusive Franchise Evaluation Tool – Easily grade franchise opportunities against the AAFD’s Eight Criteria for Buying a Franchise.
  • Legislative advocacy for matters of concern to owners of franchised businesses
  • Bringing value to our members through the AAFD’s body of knowledge.
  • Plus many additional Financial Benefits and Discounts

If you are a current Member of our GHCFA Chapter, you can login to our website anytime. The User Name and Password was provided to you by our chapter coordinator. Please contact Lori Hueckel, if you don’t know your username and password.