The Mission of the Association is to strengthen, promote and protect the value and profitability of the Griswold Home Care franchise. The Goal of the Association is to foster a spirit of collaboration within our franchise system, to provide a common voice for Griswold Home Care franchisees, and channel proactive energies to resolve common problems and develop better approaches to operating our businesses. The Association shall coordinate its activities with those of the AAFD and other AAFD entities that have an interest in the same or related issues concerning franchising. The primary objective of the Association is to foster good communications and a positive business relationship among the franchisees and the franchisor.


The National Conference Planning Work Group can’t wait to see you for a homecoming like no other. Join the celebration of 35 Years of Heart – a Legacy of Passion and Purpose, in the area first served by Jean Griswold so many years ago!

The 2017 National Conference is rich in opportunity for building your business and your Griswold relationships!